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One of the reasons why I love living in Medellin, Colombia is all the different kinds of restaurants there are in the city. You can find all different kids of cuisines such as Thai, Italian, Vegetarian, Mexican, Peruvian and more! Here in Medellin you can find a ton of places where you can eat pizza. Everyone loves pizza and Colombians are no different.

In the city I hear people have the same argument over and over… “Which place serves the best pizza in Medellin?”

Whenever people ask me that question I give them the same two answers…. Sicilia In Bocca and Bigotes! Allow me to explain why these two restaurants are my favorite places to be eating pizza in Medellin.

Sicilia In Bocca

Sicilia In Bocca is a small family-owned and family operated Italian restaurant. The family comes from Sicily, Italy. They are located in calle 10, just before you get to Parque Lleras. Before being in Poblado the restaurant used to be in El Centro (downtown), however I don’t think they did so well there. Anyways, this place is great! My brother showed me this place because he used to have lunch there all the time when they were in downtown. They quality and price is perfect. However they do take a long time, but you will experience that at every restaurant in Colombia so need to worry or panic.

eating pizza in medellin

Pasta from Sicilia In Bocca

On their menu they have pizza, pasta, and lasagna. Now before when they were in downtown the owner would hand make the pasta from scratch. My brother told me that was the reason he would eat their every day, because he would make the pasta so good. I visited their two weeks ago with my girlfriend and we ordered the pasta. The pasta was okay good sauce and flavor, however it was nothing like what my brother explained to me. The owner told me that they had to stop hand making the pasta because every night they are too busy, and I don’t blame them. I always walk by their and they are always packed day and night. Which is great because they really do serve amazing food, especially the pizza!

You can order a medium Neapolitan pizza for about 12.000 COP that’s about $4 USD with today’s exchange rate. If you pay a bit more you can add as many ingredients you want to your pizza! The reason what makes their pizza so good is because the crust, dough is all made from scratch. The pizza is what everyone orders because of the good taste of ingredients and price. Trust me if you are visiting and wondering where is the best place for eating pizza in Medellin, one of the places is right here, Sicilia In Bocca.

Address: Calle 10 # 41-05
Phone: 311-5126


The next restaurant that I always recommend to everyone is Bigotes. Bigotes is located outside of Poblado area, near the soccer stadium in park called Parque Carlos E. Restrepo. Almost every taxi driver will know where this park is.

I love eating here. This place is very well known within Colombians and few foreigners go, mainly because it is outside of El Poblado. Bigotes is owned by a German fellow, the pizzas are deep-dish styled. A large pizza that serves 8 big slices cost around 30.000 COP to at most 40.000 COP that’s $9.00 USD to $12.00 USD!! Their menu is only pizza and it consists of about 20+ types of pizza. I always get the one with the jalapeños on it because I love my food with a kick. They also have others that come with ham, sausage, corn, tuna, olives and more. What makes this place so good is the size of the pizza pie for the price you are paying for. Also, the beer on tap is not bad at all.

eating pizza in medellin

A large pizza from Bigotes.

Bigotes is a popular place to eat at, especially on the weekends so I advise to get their early or call ahead and place your order. The place is itself is a bit small with a few tables in and outside but there is always a line outside of hungry Colombians waiting to be seated. If you happen to get stuck in line, no worries, they will take your order while you wait in line so when you are seated you food will be ready to serve. Also there is a liquor store next door so you can enjoy a beer while you wait in line. Check Bigotes in Parque Carlos E. Restrepo, you will not be disappointed.

Address: Calle 53 # 64 A 39 Carlos E. Restrepo Medellín, Colombia
Phone: 230-1916

Eating Pizza in Medellin

Those are my two favorite places for eating pizza in Medellin. Of the two I enjoy eating at Bigotes more. Both places are great but I love to eat so the more food the better. If you want to see more pictures of my life in Medellin, Colombia and as I visit other parts of Colombia, simply follow me on Instagram: @YoAmoColombia

eating pizza in medellin

My older brother Andrew and childhood friend Pablo at Sicilia In Bocca